Sturdy Play Rug - SMALL (20 x 32")

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Presenting proper sturdy, strong, soft and satiny playrugs!

To all those kids who would love a playset that goes beyond roads and gas stations, I present these fantasy-themed playmaps! They were designed to look beautiful from a distance, and to be fully immersive - even playable - up close, for all the storytellers in our lives, big and small.

Designed for enthusiastic appreciation, these low pile rugs are vibrant, durable and silky to the touch. 100% polyester, with an anti-slip backing, these play rugs are available at three different sizes: 20 x 32", 35 x 63", and 63 x 84" - this product listing is for the small size - 20 x 32"; scale yours to your space for the most convenient play.

There are two different play rug designs! Please choose from:

The Realm of the River Dragon


Seven Odd Islands

Rugs are printed on demand in the US, on products manufactured in China. 

Please leave two weeks for manufacturing. Shipping will include tracking. 

This product is not currently for sale.

One vibrant, satiny, durable play rug!

Fabric Content
100% polyester
Fabric Surface
soft, silky
shake loose dirt, vaccuum without rotary attachment, spot clean with cold water
Printing method
water based inks
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Sturdy Play Rug - SMALL (20 x 32")

0 ratings