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The Corruption of Pelursk - Pocket Dungeon Pack

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THE CORRUPTION OF PELURSK is a system-agnostic tabletop RPG dungeon with a haunted hexcrawl, written by Shel Kahn. The Isle of Pelursk holds a glowing, steaming, mist-shrouded secret at its heart, and once you've entered its clutches it does not want to let you leave.

This is a Pocket Dungeon Pack, a deluxe kit designed to launch a campaign or run smoothly as a one-shot. Each pack comes complete with:

  • 60 page 3.5 x 7" black and white zine

  • 17 x 17" fabric map of the island

  • twelve 1.5" fabric hexes

  • a patch of the cover art

  • a matching pencil

  • all tucked into a 9 x 4" canvas zippered pouch.

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You'll get a 3.5 x 7", 60 page, black and white zine, a full colour fabric hexmap with twelve fabric map tokens, a cursed pencil, and a patch, all tucked into a zippered pouch; and the digital files to play online or print and play elsewhere!


The Corruption of Pelursk - Pocket Dungeon Pack

0 ratings