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Heads up! Physical zines and pocket dungeon packs and original art and more are back in stock!

If you've been meaning to pick up, say, a print copy of By Crom! for a friend, or a pocket dungeon pack for your next game night, or that fantasy painting you saw me share on twitter, they are now available here in my gumroad, alongside some new zines, fun sweatshirts and hats, and more!

Thanks again for being here, keeping an eye on my stuff and supporting my work!

If you'd like to hear from me more often, I really recommend signing up for my mailing list. You can see the newest mailout right here - and the button below will send you to the sign-up form! (and if you're already on it, thanks for your patience with this second email this week!)

And I've tucked a couple process videos in the file uploads here for you as a thanks for cracking open this message!

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New Magic Afoot! new playrugs, cromulence, fine art prints, and more!

March 2022: PDFs for donations!

New Year's Sale! 20% off everything!

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