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Sales and Preorders!

Hey folks, with everything that's going on, I’ve thrown all my PDFs and digital products on sale. If you’ve been meaning to read anything of mine, you can use discount code “HIDEOUT” to get it in PDF form for $0! 

If you’ve already stocked up (you sweet angel) but you know someone else who might enjoy cromulent advice or haunted forests or crystal islands, please pass the code along!

Also, after patiently awaiting my illustrations, Eppy has launched the preorder for Wolfspell! It's a gorgeous tabletop RPG about being turned into a wolf and wrestling between wolf and human instincts, and I've painted the most gorgeous wolves I've ever painted in its honour, and you can preorder your 12 x 36" trifold album LP copy right now!

Stay safe, and take care of yourselves!

Check out Wolfspell!

New Magic Afoot! new playrugs, cromulence, fine art prints, and more!

March 2022: PDFs for donations!

New Year's Sale! 20% off everything!

Shipping Schedule

Heads up! Physical zines and pocket dungeon packs and original art and more are back in stock!

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